Three thoughts I want to share with you…

First: If you are not a founder yet. Don’t have too much respect for starting a company. Everybody can become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not a personality trait, it is a way of thinking, a method, a logic. You can learn it!

Second: Fall in love with the problem, not the solution. If you have found a problem, get into an early exchange with your customers and learn from them. Don’t wait too long, don’t wait for a perfect solution. Fix the problem with the resources and skills you have and push it forward from there!

Third: The graveyard of shattered start-up dreams is filled with ideas that never saw the light of day. Most future founder fail because they don‘t start. Do not wait until you think you are ready, prepared for everything, that point never comes. Start right now!

You have remarks on my post? I am interested in your comments and feedback!

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