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I would be delighted to give a keynote speech on the subject of innovation at your event or conference. I have been working intensively on the following topic for years:


Keynote “The Art of How – Battle Plans for Business Ideas”

Realizing a new business idea is like engaging in a battle with unequal opponents. Numerous existing market players are attacking the project and have better resources. Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs must therefore develop a powerful battle plan to achieve their goals, which takes the weaknesses of their opponents into account while exploiting their own strengths. In my keynote speech, I present approaches on how to develop a battle plan for innovative business ideas. I draw on my own experience as a founder and start-up coach as well as on a broad spectrum of knowledge from business management, psychology, military and sports. The talk is suited for an audience of startups or established companies.


Keynote “Failing with your business idea – A guide in ten steps”

In this keynote I humorously show which mistakes are often made in the development and implementation of a business idea and how they lead to failure. The keynote can be adapted to an audience of startups or to an audience of established companies that want to implement new business ideas.

If required, I can also develop a specific keynote with regard to your topic, if it fits to my expertise.


You can see me in action on my social networks. I regularly publish content (articles, videos etc.) on various platforms such as LinkedIn (English), Instagram (German). If you are interested subscribe to my Newsletter (English).


For requests you can reach me by mail at

Dr. Thomas Metzler Vortrag

Keynote Thomas Metzler, Ph.D.

Keynote für Startups

Keynote for Startups

Keynote Innovation

Keynote on Innovation

Keynote Thomas Metzler

Keynote Thomas Metzler, Ph.D.

Keynote on Innovation by Thomas Metzler, Ph.D.

Keynote on Business Models




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